Privacy Policy

At Sherwood Corporate Services, we understand the importance of your privacy and we appreciate your trust in us when providing personal information. Our privacy policy has been developed to assure you of our diligence in protecting your information and, further, outlines how we use this information to your benefit.

How We Collect, Use and Disclose Your Information

Any request for personal information is made solely to help ensure that we can provide our services to you as effectively as possible. In all cases, we obtain your express consent to our procurement and use of this information in an appropriate manner. We typically review and disclose your information in order to:

* Effectively communicate with you, or your authorized representatives.
* Assess your suitability for the services available from our firm.
* Communicate with CCRA on your behalf.
* Act as required or authorized by law.

What We WILL NOT Do With Your Information

Our commitment to protecting your personal information extends beyond our organization. Under no circumstances do we sell client information to anyone, nor do we share client information with organizations that might solicit you regarding their products or services. Any and all information provided will be used solely within the realm of our direct and mutual business requirements.

Your Rights as They Pertain to Your Personal Information

Increasing sensitivity to the protection of personal information has led to the development of legislation designed to ensure that all information collected is handled appropriately. Sherwood Corporate Services adheres to all standards outlined in the PIPEDA Act, assented to in April 2000.

Upon your request, we will promptly provide information demonstrating why, and how, we have collected, used or disclosed your personal information and we will advise you of who is responsible for protecting your information within our organization.

We support your right to inspect the relevant information that we hold for the purpose of making sure it is accurate, complete and current. We will maintain your right to expect an organization to destroy your information when requested or when no longer required for the intended original purpose.

You may withdraw your consent at any time (subject to legal or contractual obligations and on providing us reasonable notice) by contacting our Privacy Officer. Please be aware that withdrawing your consent may prevent us from providing you with requested services. We may occasionally use your personal information to advise you of services we believe may be of interest to you or fit your personal circumstances. If you would rather not receive this type of communication, please advise our Privacy Officer.

Safeguarding Your Information

All employees, associated advisors and software suppliers who are granted access to your records understand the need to keep this information protected and confidential. It has been clearly communicated to our staff, and our partners, that your information is to be used only for the purposes intended. We have established physical and systems safeguards, along with audited processes, to protect any and all client information from unauthorized access or use.

Our Commitment to You

Sherwood Corporate Services is committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients. This commitment extends to the protection of all personal information with which we are entrusted. Should you have any questions regarding the contents of our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact our organization.